Poseidon support services' list


Poseidon support services’ list

We help participating schools’ members for free according to our services’ list (down bellow). There are helpdesks ready to help you solve the problems related to your laptop.

You can find every helpdesk contact infos in the contact section.

To find help, all you need to do is bring your laptop in a Poseidon helpdesk. No need to make any appointment and the support is free.

Who can benefit from services offered at EPFL Helpdesks

Registered students and  workers currently employed by EPFL, UNIL and HEIG-VD can benefit from our help.

The offered services depend on the type of your laptop. You can find all the details in our services’ list bellow.

There to, your email address will serve to authenticate you when asking for support.

Hardware failures

Laptops from Poseidon’s offer are taken care of as a priority. Considering our helpdesks are not certified to carry out hardware repair, the manufacturer sends a technician to change faulty parts. You can also directly call the manufacturer, since the warranty covering your laptop is not in any way related to our helpdesks. It should be noted that this allow you to receive the manufacturer’s support even when abroad. We can diagnose most failure, allowing you to find the origin of the problem and often save you estimate fees. However, we do not void warranty and only do hardware support for laptops bought through our offer.

Software failures

Of course, you can always count on us if you need help accessing one of the school’s services (be it WiFi network, printers, files server) from your laptop.
If the problem is greater, we will do our best to return your operating system in working order.

Please take note that you must backup your data *before* we look after your machine. We will refuse any machines containing unsaved important data.

Should you need our help installing a software or an operating system, we will ask to see a valid license.

You can find here the list of supported operating systems.

Password forgotten on BIOS/UEFI, Windows, Mac Os and GNU/Linux

Before helping you in any way recover your password, be it in the operating system or the firmware (BIOS or UEFI), you will need to bring the laptop’s bill containing its serial number and your name.

Usually, there is always a technical way to bypass the operating system password. On the contrary, forgotten firmware passwords most times require to change the motherboard. That intervention is charged by manufacturers.

Tutorials and documentations

In order to help you solve your problems on your own, you can use our wiki, detailing everything regarding our laptops, warranties, how to return single parts as well as how to install and repair operating systems.

What to bring to the helpdesk in order to assert your warranty

First, you must accept our terms and agreements.

The bill is not necessary, the serial number allows to check the warranty‘s end date on the manufacturer’s website.

If your machine (for MacBooks see below) has been bought through our offer, we don’t need the charger since we have some. Except of course if the problem is about the charger, in which case you should bring it.

Special case for MacBooks: For a problem with your charger or your battery, you will need to bring the laptop and the original battery and charger. Indeed, Apple require the original charger and battery to be sent along the laptop for any charger or battery problem.

If the machine has been altered (e.g. hard disk drive replaced by an SSD), you must return it to its original state before enforcing your warranty.

Our services

Any services not listed here is not offered.

Hardware support for laptops

Valid warranty, normal use, or related to a damage with a damage insurrance
Priority assistanceLaptop Poséidon
Repair by the manufacturerLaptop Poséidon
Laptop loan during the reparation depending on availabilityLaptop Poséidon
Valid warranty, related to a damage, without
damage insurance
Not supported, please request an estimate to the manufacturer 
Expired warranty
Quick diagnostic (15mn max)Laptop PoséidonLaptop non-Poséidon
Other services  
Dust cleaningLaptop Poséidon
Recycling (batteries, chargers, parts) related to a laptop.Laptop PoséidonLaptop non-Poséidon

* Laptops containing unsaved data will systematically be refused.

Software support for «stable» laptops

Operating system basic functions (list of the supported OS)Laptop PoséidonLaptop non-Poséidon
Using the school services (network, printers…) for EPFL studentsLaptop PoséidonLaptop non-Poséidon
All types of assistance, max 15 minutes at the desk (outlook, vdi…)Laptop PoséidonLaptop non-Poséidon
Open and free utilities installation (zip, image-editing, libreoffice…)Laptop PoséidonLaptop non-Poséidon
Dual-boot Windows – Os X on mac
Assistance for installing Matlab, Maple and Mathematica for EPFL studentsLaptop PoséidonLaptop non-Poséidon

* Non-Poséidon laptops are only supported for EPFL members.

“Professional data” recovery, «accessible» on HDD/SSD

 Supported schoolsLieu
External drive (USB, thunderbolt, firewire) or 2.5″ laptop driveEPFLEPFL MA
HDD/SSD from a Poséidon laptopEPFL, UNIL and HEIG-VDEPFL MA

Please, also provide a healthy media (hard-drive, …) that is big enough to contain your data.


Stable laptop

For a laptop to be taken care of at our helpdesk for a software problem, it must be functional and stable. We require for this components to work:

Accessible HDD

By accessible, we mean that the HDD must be readable, therefore accessible from an operating system. It also must be physically reachable, thus the drives imprisoned in an enclosure or in a laptop under guarantee impossible to dismantle will not be accepted. This include the drives making tic-tic noise.

EPFL specific cases

For the PSE employees

For EPFL retirees (APC, UP and ACC-EPFL) and former professors