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How to send Doodles to your collegues

Detailed Solution

Go first to the following address:

 1.Click on "Schedule an event" to create a meeting invitation / Survey



2. Set the title of the meeting
3. Set the location of the meeting
4. Set the event description
5. Set the name of the event organizer
6. Set the email address of the administrator meeting (the administrator will receive notifications when a participant is registering)
7. Click "Continue"




8. Select dates to offer to the guests
9. Click "Continue"



11. Set schedules available for each day. It is possible to apply the same times to other days by clicking on "Copy and paste the first line"
12. Click "Continue"



13. Define the survey parameters if required (who can access the survey, multiple responses etc ...)
14. Click "Continue"



15. Choose between a precise list of guests or simply provide the link to the people you want to invite
16. Set a precise guest list if necessary
17. Click "Finish"



19. Use the generated link to send to people you want to invite
20. Use admnistration link to manage your event.

Authored by Michel Naguib
Last modified 9 months ago