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Google Apps for Education FAQ
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Google Apps for Education FAQ

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  1. How to access my Google Apps for Education space ?
  2. Why can't I use my Gmail personal account ?
  3. What is my password ?
  4. Which Google applications can I use ?
  5. What kinds of documents can I store in Google ?
  6. If I can't use Google for Education, what alternatives are available ?
  7. Who can access my Google storage space ?
  8. How to recover deleted items ?
  9. Can I perform a personal backup of my data ?
  10. Can I use EPFL groups or Service Account ?
  11. Why is Google asking me for my mobile phone number ?
  12. I can no longer connect to my personal Google Account
  13. How to copy documents from my old private account on the new EPFL account?
  14. Can I use Gmail or Google Calendar EPFL on my account?
  15. I have a personal Google account @ and I can not login anymore ?

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Google has made available to its users a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you can access via the following addresses:


EPFL: Google Apps for Education FAQ

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