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Remote control TeamViewer
Article: KB0013299 Published: 2019-04-23 Last modified: 2019-04-23

Remote control with TeamViewer

In order to alloy you to share your computer screen with Service Desk technicians, a remote assistance service is available.

TeamViewer is a remote control software which allows a technician to visualize and take control of your computer under your supervision. No setting is changed and access to your machine must be allowed every time - as soon as the maintenance is complete no one can reconnect to your computer.

You are SSC :

  • Double-click on the TeamViewer icon in your taskbar, bottom-right of your screen.
  • Communicate to the technician the corresponding credentials.

You are not SSC :

  • Download and run the Remote assistance program.
  • For Windows : TeamViewer-Windows.exe
  • For Mac :
    • Open the downloaded .zip file and execute the newly unzipped software.

    • Click OK.
    • Go to "System Preferences - Security & Privacy".
    • Click on "Open Anyway".
  • Communicate to the technician the corresponding credentials.


EPFL: Remote control TeamViewer

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