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Authentification du courrier électronique de l'EPFL
Article: KB0013524 Published: 2017-09-11 Last modified: 2017-09-11

Authentication of EPFL email

The EPFL mail servers will refuse emails wiht an sender address (in the "From: " header), unless the connection is authenticated with the corresponding account. The goal is to garantee the authenticity of sender addresses: when you receive in your EPFL mailbox a message from an EPFL member, you will be certain that he/she is really the sender (and the same will apply for "services" addresses).

To reach that goal, all EPFL users must use authenticated connection to send their messages.

What do I have to do ?

  • I am a user: you have to use one of these tools to manage your email:
    • a software configure in "MAPI/Exchange" mode: Outlook, Apple Mail (this KB explains how to do it) and Evolution under Linux
    • the Ewa web interface to your Exhange mailbox.
    • for other software, you must ensure that you use an authenticated connection to the outgoing server on port 465. How you do it is explained on these pages:
  • Don't hesitate to request help from your local computer support team or from VPSI's Service Desk

  • I am an IT manager:
    • if you need to send messages without authentication (automated systems, Web interface, etc.), you can simply use the address or you cant to create a "noreply" service account specific to you need as follows. Go to the Web form to create an account (whose name should contain a string like "noreply") and in the Email ? block chose the option Redirected to and enter the addres The email address corresponding to the account can then be used without authentication as sender address of email messages
    • for other specific needs, please contact us at the address so we can find a solution together
EPFL: Authentification du courrier électronique de l\'EPFL

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